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Cooperative Grooming Care

Does your dog run away, hide, or become aggressive when it's time for nail trims and other grooming? Let us make nail trims stress-free for you and your pup.

golden retriever, black lab, shepherd dog

Do you enjoy moving to new places? For some people, the thought of starting over somewhere new is enough to stress them out, while others may be excited. Either way, moving to a new house or new city always requires an adjustment period. You may need to change how you do certain things, go to new places, and make new friends. All of this can be stressful to some degree, and everyone handles it differently.

Now imagine being a dog, and being unable to understand why you're moving. Whether a dog comes from a shelter, from a different home, or needs to learn to live with another animal, they need an adjustment period and time to decompress. Not sure how to help your new dog decompress? That's why we're here!

bulldog and angry cat
dogs and cats snuggling

Does your dog...

We can help them...

   Run away at the sight of nail clippers?

   Growl or snap during nail trims?

   Give the groomer a hard time


   Jump with joy when seeing nail clippers (or dremel)

   Relax during nail trims

   Enjoy grooming visits


Two ways to train

training options

Cooperative Grooming Care course

4 1-hour long classes each week

Cost is $170

Takes place in Sorrento Valley

All ages


  • Socialization

  • Puppy play-time

  • Working around distractions

  • Basic obedience

  • Homework sheets

  • Graduation celebration

  • Optional certificate and medal from AKC

  • Opportunity to advance to a higher level

  • Can accommodate reactive dogs

Day Training

90-minute training evaluation is required. I’ll design and implement your customized training plan, come to your home for each hands-on training session, and either work at home or out in public. Then I’ll transfer your dog's new professionally trained skills to you.

  • Trainer travels to you for sessions

  • Outings to other places (if necessary)

  • Session overview notes

  • Step-by-step homework instructions

  • Personalized Q&A

Training evaluation: $240

Sessions: $160

Number of sessions determined based on amount of training needed. Once a training plan is customized for you and your pup, payment is due in full.

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