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Leash walking issues

Tired of feeling frustrated, embarrassed, and having sore arms after a walk with your dog? We can help.


"Our dog is much more relaxed and comfortable when on a leash, and demonstrates less anxiety overall. We’re starting with group sessions soon!"

-Nada S.

Does your dog...

We can help them...


   Growl, lunge and bark at dogs?

   Pull you down the street?

   Embarrass you on walks?


   Ignore other dogs

   Walk calmly by your side

   Relax, so you can enjoy walks


Two ways to train

training options

Virtual Training

90-minute training evaluation is required. I’ll create a customized training plan for your dog and your goals, then support you step-by-step via easy virtual training sessions, as you acquire your new set of dog training skills. 

  • Individualized hour-long virtual sessions

  • Recording of the video session

  • Personalized Q&A 

Day Training

90-minute training evaluation is required. I’ll design and implement your customized training plan, come to your home for each hands-on training session, and either work at home or out in public. Then I’ll transfer your dog's new professionally trained skills to you.

  • Individualized hour-long sessions at your home

  • Outings to other places (if necessary)

  • Personalized Q&A

Training evaluation: $240

Sessions: $160

Number of sessions determined based on amount of training needed. Once a training plan is customized for you and your pup, payment is due in full.

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