What we can help with:


What we can help with:

integrating a rescue dog into the family

Impulse control

Food refusal, polite greetings with people and dogs, handler focus, and more

Behavior modification

Stranger danger,  resource guarding, food aggression, separation anxiety and more


How and when to safely socialize your dog to places, people, and other dogs

Basic obedience

Recall, crate training, loose leash walking, stay, come, and more


Learn how to set yourself and your new pup up for success after bringing them home

"Our dog is much more relaxed and comfortable when on a leash, and demonstrates less anxiety overall. We’re starting with group sessions soon!"

-Nada S.

Black and brown dog, lemon dalmatian

Why us?

Training with Lindsay uses science-based, positive reinforcement training methods. We follow the LIMA principle: Least Intrusive, Minimally Aversive method. We do not use punitive training methods or punish your dog for simply, being a dog. Through the training protocols provided by a professional dog trainer, you won't only get the dog you've always dreamed of having, but your pup (and you!) will have fun training together.


I graduated from the only school in the country that offers a Bachelor of Science in Canine Behavior, Bergin University of Canine Studies. Along with my degree, I have had thousands of hours of hands-on training experience, am an AKC CGC evaluator, and keep up-to-date on current research by attending continuing education seminars.

When Training with Lindsay works with you and your pup, you'll see positive results even after the first session. Instructions are easy to follow and are broken down in small steps, to set you and your dog up for success. If you're looking to have a dog that you enjoy living with and taking on adventures, start by speaking with us about how we can help you reach your training goals.


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